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For tree and lawn care in Apple Grove, WV, visit Davis Tree & Lawn Care LLC. Storms can snap branches, break limbs, or may cause trees to lean over. When another storm comes, flooding can loosen up the sediment, and the damaged tree may completely topple over. Fungal infections can also affect the stability of the tree’s roots.

Some trees may also gradually grow at an angle eventually, which will not be a problem. However, when it suddenly leans, shows cracks, and takes on a noticeable angle, the tree may likely fall. Call (304) 962-3971 for a free estimate.

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Call us When You Need Effective Emergency Tree Removal

The situations above call for an emergency tree removal. Do not worry; our licensed team can help. We are a professional tree service serving Apple Grove, WV, and surrounding areas. Our insured workers help evaluate whether it’s best to keep the tree or have it completely removed for your safety. Call us today for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment.

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Our goal is to ensure your trees are safe and add value to your home. You can keep your outdoor property manicured and clean yearly with regular lawn maintenance and care. Davis Tree & Lawn Care LLC aims to help homeowners and businesses with tree services and lawn care. We can help clean your driveways and patio areas. Davis Tree & Lawn Care LLC also offers shrub and tree pruning, weekly lawn mowing, and more.

We Offer Tree Trimming and Lawn Maintenance
in Apple Grove, WV

Proper tree trimming and lawn maintenance can improve the overall health of your trees and enhance your outdoor space’s aesthetics. By carefully trimming trees, your trees get the sunlight exposure they deserve, giving you tastier fruits every harvest. We can help trim dead branches or remove weaker ones. Our licensed professionals can also remove branches conflicting with your home’s structure. We want to help you achieve the best lawn in Apple Grove, WV, that can impress visitors.

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