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Are you looking for lawn and tree care in Huntington, WV? Call Davis Tree & Lawn Care LLC. Your lawn is an integral part of your property. Keeping your lawn in good condition and maintaining a lush, pristine look is imperative. Davis Tree & Lawn Care LLC provides lawn care and tree removal services in Point Pleasant, WV.

Our wide range of services covers commercial establishments and homes. With 16 years of tree industry experience, we have the equipment and expertise to do an impeccable job. Call us today at (304) 962-3971 to get your free estimate.

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Davis Tree & Lawn Care LLC Can Maintain Your Lawn and Trees

Our services span mowing, trimming, planting your lawn and trees, and maintaining them around the year. We always inspect your landscape to offer the best advice on lawn designs that best befit and brighten your property. Our concern for true professionalism and customer satisfaction is the root of our success. Hire our licensed and insured experts at Davis Tree & Lawn Care LLC for effective tree and lawn maintenance service.

Get Lawn Maintenance and Reliable Tree Removal for Huntington, WV

Our lawn maintenance and tree care specialists are ready to help you with any tree care service you need. As one of the top-rated lawn care service companies in Huntington, WV, we take great pride in our work. We handle any of your lawn maintenance, tree removal, land clearing, and stump grinding needs promptly and professionally.

Let Us Handle Your Unsightly Stumps and Problematic Trees

Although we advocate for tree preservation, sometimes, removal is simply the best management option. Unsightly stumps and problem trees can also destroy the curb appeal of your property. Our arborists have extensive training and the right tools to remove the trees and grind the stumps. We pride ourselves on making your yard safer and more attractive.

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